Food for life

I’ve always enjoyed food, but really understanding the importance and value of every mouthfull became paramount when I was pregnant. We had some trouble during the pregnancy and for a while weren’t sure if we were going to ever hold our much wanted and already loved twin girls in our arms.

Our little one is a fighter; she’s tough, cheeky and stubborn. All good qualities for a premature baby, but we’re not looking forward to the teenage years! The girls were born at 30 weeks and the little one the size of a 23 weeker (610g).

I didn’t have any crazy food cravings while I was pregnant. I just wanted healthy food. Some say that’s a sign of carrying a girl, but maybe it was my heart, body and soul trying to give my little angels the best chance of life.

Little Amelia had a rough start, spending the first 5 months and 4 days in hospital (yes we counted every day!). She had multiple bowel surgeries and everyday for at least a year we a laboured over every millilitre and gram she ate, drank and passed. For her, it’s not just about quantity of the food she eats – it’s all about the quality of her sustenance. Every waking hour we aim for the highest nutritional value for her in every bite…and it’s kind of rubbed off on the rest of us!

Now as a mum, there are only so many hidden raw super power powders, disguising super foods and talking up vegetables that I can do. We’ve tried it all with them both and at some point I just had to admit to myself that kids are going to be kids and there is going to be cake! I’ve decided it’s just much easier to go for good wholesome food, unadulterated and a big dose of involving the kids, with a side of red wine (for the parents of course!).

Evelyn is my little chefling. She stirs, rolls, pats, fills, flattens, whisks, pours, measures, watches and learns. And every time she stands on her stool by me in the kitchen it fills my heart with joy. What’s the best way to teach kids about food… get them involved!! For Evelyn it’s not just about her love of cooking or wanting to help another human, but about using both hands, strengthening her shoulder and improving her balance. You see she had a stroke when she was born and bless her, it hasn’t stopped her doing anything … and neither will it! She’s been mastering using a knife and fork of late and although it’s not perfect she totally finished her poached eggs this morning ‘by myself mummy’ 🙂

Everyday I’m so proud and especially grateful for these little angels we get to hold in not only our hearts, but also our arms. Although I’m not sure my darling husband agrees at 3am when he now gets the wake up calls (thanks hubby!).

Love from our kitchen to yours.

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