Sugar Free Tomato Pasta Sauce

Recently with all this talk of SUGAR on everyone’s lips, I’m starting to look at not just the obvious treats containing sugar like cakes, sweets, desserts, etc., but also the hidden sugar in things like ketchup, bread, Chinese takeout, chicken nuggets! Do you know what are you really feeding your kids?

Here’s a scary fact: A 500g jar of Dolmio Bolognaise sauce has more than 6 cubes of sugar in it…  Continue reading

Pink Princess Gnocchi

Me: “What did you make with your play-doh darling?”
Amelia: “Pasta mummy!”
Me: “What kind of pasta? It looks like Gnocchi?”
Amelia: “Umm, YES Gnocchi pasta Mummy!”😍
That’s just given me an idea … leftover roasted beets in the back of the fridge + potato gnocchi dough = Princess Pink Gnocchi!!

beet gnochi inspiration

And so the Beetroot Gnocchi with Goat’s Cheese, Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Rocket dish was born.  Continue reading