Red Seafood Rice

“Mummy, there is an octopus in my dinner!!”

This statement is not a lie and led to an interesting dinner time conversation followed by a meal of seafood trading around the dinner table … which in my books is allowed as long as you try a little of everything. It occurred to me as a mother I have assumptions on what my children will and won’t eat and I need to try more often testing and disproving these assumptions. A friendly chat with other mums recently confirmed that it wasn’t just me presuming and preselecting the tastes, textures and cuisines that I think (or hope!) my kids will eat. Continuing to offer the same flavours time and time again may lead long term to a limited palette and closed mind on food choices, but yes there is no argument that at least they will have something in their body before bedtime! Continue reading

Carrot Soup with Bunny Ears

“What’s for dinner mummy?” asks Amelia. “Orange soup with bunny ears!” I reply.

A little nose edges up to the side of the kitchen bench and then on tippy toes, two big eyes peer over the top of the bowl. A smile breaks out on her face when she sees a vague bunny nose & eyes (natural yoghurt drop), bunny ears (homemade sourdough bread) and a big bowl of orange soup (carrot & ginger soup). It helps that she is in orange class this year at school so the more orange in her life the better!


A good friend recently asked me how to get her 2 year old to eat more variety of foods. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do hope that people can learn from what we’ve had success with in our house.   Continue reading

The tough questions…

So we haven’t got to the birds and the bees questions yet (phew, kids are only just 5 years old), but we have started to have spontaneous conversations about diet, exercise and nutrition. They often come from everyday moments like preparing dinner, walking through a mall or visiting friends. The perfect playground for this was a recent trip to the grocery store with one little miss. We came around the end of an aisle, she was pushing the trolley nicely like a ‘big girl’, then her eyes lit up, her hands let go of the trolley and she b-lined straight for a huge stand of chocolate teddy bear shaped biscuits. “Mummy. Mummy. LOOOOOK!”

–> Enter nutrition conscious mum with a hang up for real food <–

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Food Revolution Day

Only 1 month until Food Revolution Day! This is about the time that I start to have WAY TOO MANY ideas of things to do and my husband just rolls his eyes at me and waits for final instructions the day before… This year it’s Friday 15th May 2015, so being a Friday and part of the weekend here in Dubai, it’s even easier to be involved.

What are you going to do? You could invite some friends around for an extended family dinner. You could get into your kids school and get the kids cooking. You could invite the neighbours around and make pizza from scratch. You could also join one of the location activities happening in your local town – like ‘Squash it Sandwiches’ at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai. Click here to keep an eye on the Food Revolution Day plans for your city. And if nothing else sign the petition at and help fight for food education for every child. Whatever it is – do something, get the kids involved and connect with your community.


I strongly believe in REAL food and cooking from scratch. My schedule doesn’t always allow for it, but the satisfaction Continue reading