V-Day Banana & Oat Choco Muffins

Delicious yet healthy enough to feed to your kids!
Happy Valentines day this weekend all from our kitchen to yours xx

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And so we approach the big day to celebrate everything love! I’m not one to succumb to the V-day hype as love should be celebrated everyday. However, here’s me celebrating by sharing this recipe for you to spoil your partner this Sunday with a brekkie fest that includes these delish Muffins?! 

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Food for life

I’ve always enjoyed food, but really understanding the importance and value of every mouthfull became paramount when I was pregnant. We had some trouble during the pregnancy and for a while weren’t sure if we were going to ever hold our much wanted and already loved twin girls in our arms.

Our little one is a fighter; she’s tough, cheeky and stubborn. All good qualities for a premature baby, but we’re not looking forward to the teenage years! The girls were born at 30 weeks Continue reading

Fun in the kitchen

IMG_5726In my life, the kitchen has always been the heart of our home. It’s where we would sit with mum and do our homework when we were younger. It’s where lazy Sunday mornings would be spent at the kitchen bench browsing oversized Sunday paper pages. It’s where all our dinner parties start out with guests welcomed into the kitchen … normally I’m still putting the finishing touches on the meal up till the last minute. And it’s now where I choose to spend quality time with my husband and children. We are a cooking team and food is what we love! Growing it … cooking it … and eating it.

My ears perk up when I hear a food conversation. I explore and rate countries by their cuisine. We take the time to set the table on the weekend for my favourite meal, breakfast. I love swapping recipes and suggesting changes to others, but best of all I love teaching my kids about food and cooking.

What do you cook with your kids?


Hello world!

Here goes nothing…

TA-DAAA!!!! A food blog, tried and tested recipe store and, well, let’s see what else it becomes. As a working mum of four year old twins, what little time I have with my kids and husband is precious. And we’ve gotta eat right. So we may as well enjoy it and of course share it.

Food for me is about sharing. Sharing experiences, pleasure, time, plates, and stealing the occasional french fry from you!

F is for …. food, fun, fresh, friends, fit, fabulous, Fairhaven and family. What does your ‘F’ stand for?

Happy reading!