Kurth Kitchen Bread

The original K U R T H  K I T C H E N Bread.

There is a story behind this bread recipe is close to all our hearts here at Kurth Kitchen. A loaf of bread is the first thing Mr Kurth gifted me before we even started dating. Yes, a loaf of bread! No flowers or box of chocolates from this romantic  bread was a quick way to my heart! You can see why we hit it off straight away. The original recipe is still on a little recipe card tucked away in his mother’s recipe card box in the back of the antique kitchen cupboard. Continue reading

Fingers or Fork?

Lately the kids have made me feel torn between teaching table manners vs teaching a love of food. After all, we have just spent time together setting … and often unsetting, resetting and final setting the table according to everyone’s ever changing request for different coloured cutlery, cups and napkins. So with the table nicely set the kids then sometimes just push it all that aside to eat with their hands. They have smiles on their faces, food up their arms, but they eat with hunger and enjoyment, albeit with all 10 fingers. Continue reading

Food Revolution Day

Only 1 month until Food Revolution Day! This is about the time that I start to have WAY TOO MANY ideas of things to do and my husband just rolls his eyes at me and waits for final instructions the day before… This year it’s Friday 15th May 2015, so being a Friday and part of the weekend here in Dubai, it’s even easier to be involved.

What are you going to do? You could invite some friends around for an extended family dinner. You could get into your kids school and get the kids cooking. You could invite the neighbours around and make pizza from scratch. You could also join one of the location activities happening in your local town – like ‘Squash it Sandwiches’ at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai. Click here to keep an eye on the Food Revolution Day plans for your city. And if nothing else sign the petition at www.foodrevolutionday.com and help fight for food education for every child. Whatever it is – do something, get the kids involved and connect with your community.


I strongly believe in REAL food and cooking from scratch. My schedule doesn’t always allow for it, but the satisfaction Continue reading