Happy National Ice-Cream Day!

Only in the US would we be celebrating something called National Ice-Cream day and blueberry ice-cream was the order of today! We look forward to handfuls of fresh blueberries every year served with a good dose of antioxidants, together with spoonful of fresh air and a spot of the phonomonim witnessed today which was water falling from the sky (rain) that we don’t see year to year. My little chefling spotted a picture of ‘purple ice cream’ on pinterest the other day which she has been badgering me to make, so today we got to it.  Doesn’t eating ice-cream just make you feel like a kid again?!? Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes

Quick snack idea needed. Kids are hungry. Bananas are sitting in the fruit bowl getting browner by the minute. Everyone has turning their nose up at the soft brown fruit for one day too long. “Eww squishy mummy”! Any of this sound familiar?


Enter Chocolate Banana Protein Pancake experiment! Now, I’ve seen all those recipes for 2 ingredient breakfast what-evers and 3 ingredient miracle cakes, and don’t get me wrong they are all great ideas and perfect if you only have a few ingredients on hand (or you are stuck on a desert island with little more than a banana tree and a chicken laying eggs). I’ve tried a few of them and I inevitably end up adding a handful of other ingredients to make the recipe actually tasty or palatable enough for one patient husband and two trusting children to try. Our 2 ingredient breakfast banana pancakes normally turn into 12 ingredient pancakes by the time I add Continue reading

Windowsil Gardening … with Sprouts

It’s just hit 40oC in Dubai so the veggie garden is officially cripsy! There are a few herbs hanging in there and the pineapples are coming along nicely, oh and the sweet potato patch is being nurtured daily for our first crop soon. So with the temperature rising, it was time to move the growing inside. Sprout time! Fabulous with summer salads, and the light meals we have Continue reading

Chocolate Sourdough Cake

Ever wondered what to do with leftover sourdough starter? With each feeding of the starter there is generally a bit that goes to waste and with it a tiny bit of my heart each time I pour off the excess straight into the bin, but there is only so much you can give to friends and neighbours! I generally keep it in the fridge most weeks as it’s more manageable to then only feed it once a Continue reading

Grandmas are mummys with frosting!

Granny Pic
Being in the kitchen with the kids is a great bonding experience. And more so for the grandparents who we don’t see as often as we’d like. I like to think of it as a productive use of time as well as the end result can be dinner on the table or snacks for the week prepared! Cooking with kids teaches them more than just cooking. Cooking for my mum was a fun and rewarding way of teaching her dyslectic teenage step son how read. Cooking can help learn planning, presentation, creativity, time management, being proud of your accomplishments, discipline, improvisation (a big one in my kitchen!), safety, sharing, and many other life lessons. It’s also a way to teach family history and heritage passing down recipes and experience that often come with entertaining stories.

My father being Hungarian born Continue reading

Food Revolution Day

Only 1 month until Food Revolution Day! This is about the time that I start to have WAY TOO MANY ideas of things to do and my husband just rolls his eyes at me and waits for final instructions the day before… This year it’s Friday 15th May 2015, so being a Friday and part of the weekend here in Dubai, it’s even easier to be involved.

What are you going to do? You could invite some friends around for an extended family dinner. You could get into your kids school and get the kids cooking. You could invite the neighbours around and make pizza from scratch. You could also join one of the location activities happening in your local town – like ‘Squash it Sandwiches’ at Galleries Lafayette in Dubai. Click here to keep an eye on the Food Revolution Day plans for your city. And if nothing else sign the petition at www.foodrevolutionday.com and help fight for food education for every child. Whatever it is – do something, get the kids involved and connect with your community.


I strongly believe in REAL food and cooking from scratch. My schedule doesn’t always allow for it, but the satisfaction Continue reading