Friends are the family you choose! Quiche for lunch.

Ok, this is actually a quiche recipe post. There is a bit of story behind my quiche making this week, so join me on my expat life adventures, or not… I won’t be offended if you skip down further straight to the recipe!

One challenge of expat life and moving abroad is leaving your friends back home, but especially leaving your family behind. Now we have children, it’s even harden to balance vacation time trying to ensure time with grandparents and wanting our little angels to grow up knowing the people who greatly shaped our lives and the people we are today – with our ‘family time’ and new experiences of the 189 other countries out there in the world.

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Grandmas are mummys with frosting!

Granny Pic
Being in the kitchen with the kids is a great bonding experience. And more so for the grandparents who we don’t see as often as we’d like. I like to think of it as a productive use of time as well as the end result can be dinner on the table or snacks for the week prepared! Cooking with kids teaches them more than just cooking. Cooking for my mum was a fun and rewarding way of teaching her dyslectic teenage step son how read. Cooking can help learn planning, presentation, creativity, time management, being proud of your accomplishments, discipline, improvisation (a big one in my kitchen!), safety, sharing, and many other life lessons. It’s also a way to teach family history and heritage passing down recipes and experience that often come with entertaining stories.

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